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Social Economy Bristol

This site retains details of the work undertaken by the Social Economy Bristol project from 1999 to 2006. Please go to: and for more recent products. Much work in this field has now been taken on by the Government, for further information see: the Regional Development Agencies and regional networks, such as RISE for the South West . We expect to be relaunching this site with new activities, until then for practical support contact Social Enterprise Works: and Avon CDA: for Bristol related social enterprise service provision, etc. The policy contact for this work is Ted Fowler, City Development, Bristol City Council +44 (0)117 922 2259

The social economy sector of Bristol is a thriving and innovative movement and an important part of the city's economy. It is made up of organisations which are run on a 'not for personal profit' basis. Examples include community businesses, co-operatives, local self-help or interest groups, and activities and services can range from housing and property management, cultural activities, sport, manufacturing, care services and arts - in fact almost any type of income generation.

This website is for everyone who has an interest in the social economy, whether you're wondering if a service is provided in your area, you're seeking work or training opportunities or just interested in how this sector is expanding. We hope that the information here will be useful and informative for you.

Copies of our printed leaflet (see below) are available for distribution or display - let us know if you would like some via the feedback form.
:: Leaflet - part a
:: Leaflet - part b
:: Leaflet - part c

Social Enterprise Works and the CDA, in conjunction with Venue magazine, produce an annual Directory of Social Businesses, which is now in its ninth year. A copy of which can be seen here by clicking on the attached PDF file (the 2007/8 Directory is due out in September 2007):
:: Your Guide To Social Businesses 2005/6

The Success of the Social Economy in Bristol

  • 223 million annual turnover
  • 4.3% of Bristol's GDP
  • Over 1000 organisations
  • Over 9000 employees
  • 21,600 volunteers
  • Employee ownership and local democracy
  • Training and employment for local people
  • Enterprise and self-help in community regeneration
  • Innovation and diversity in goods and services
  • Creating new wealth within the community

Social Economy Bristol Development Project (SEBDP) was set up to promote and support the development of the social economy in Bristol. It is co-ordinated by Bristol City Council and involves key local and strategic organisations in the mainstream and social economy. We have carried out and are currently involved in a variety of projects, an overview of which can be found in Present Activities of the Social Economy Bristol Development Project.

Also, have a look at the SEBDP Information Brief:
:: Information Brief

How to use the website

News and Events
These sections will inform you about current social economy and related news including relevant journal articles and information on events and meetings that the group and the social economy sector are running. If you have an event or news item that you would like us to advertise please provide details via the Feedback form. Also posted here are any Invitations to Tender.

Key Projects
Outlines some of the projects that we are involved with. This includes the Equal funded C3 project which began in 2004 and runs to 2007 which aims to develop a Competitive, Credible and Confident social economy in the West of England region.
The West of England CDFI page is not strictly to do with the social economy, but is a significant part of the work we do.

Social Economy Directory
This database is to act as a gateway for finding out who the social economy organisations are in the Bristol area, where they are and what they can do for you. You can search by area, service and type of organisation.

Project Reports and Publications
These are regularly updated reports and work commissioned on the activities of the SEBDP. More information on current contents in the Project Reports Introductory Page.

If you are presently working in the sector or would like to see what opportunities are available this page will advertise both paid and voluntary posts within the local social economy. We are looking for local groups to utilise this free service to find staff for their own needs so would like you to send us details of positions available within your organisation.

A list of links to websites identified as being of interest to users of the site - e.g. other local and national social economy organisations, government sites, research bodies, business support organisations, magazines and journals. We are always looking to expand this so feedback is welcome, especially from social economy organisations who have a site which is presently omitted or would like us to add more information on what they do.

Strategic Actions
:: PDF

Existing Partnerships with other local organisations
:: Word 7
:: PDF

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